Final Newsletter of 2011

Over the past 12 months I have seen changes in the way brides have been planning their wedding day. Many opting for the personal touch, asking friends and family to use their skills such as baking, floristry, photography or using a family members car to tansport the bridal party.

In this newsletter I shall be sharing with you my forecast on weddings for 2012, the proposal, the planning, colours, themes, dresses and much more.

So lets start at the very begining...

The proposal
So he has popped the question and you have said 'YES' now you are wearing the biggest smile ever. So what's next?

Firstly it's time to show off that ring, Facebook and Tweet your good news to friends and family. Importantly enjoy that feeling of being engaged, it's an important first step towards marriage.

Once you have taken time to enjoy your engagement it's time to start the planning process.

The planning
For many couples planning a wedding can be rather overwhelming, some couples have a great relationship but when it comes to event planning a lot of couples are really challenged to work together. As a couple you will both have all kinds of differences in opinion, family dynamics and stress surrounding your wedding. The planning process is your marriage experiment, take time to establish your partnership and talk about each of your likes and dislikes, perhaps think about weddings you have attended in the past. Then together take time to day dream, think about the things you'd like for your wedding day. Perhaps seperately write a list of things and then compromise bringing the ideas together to create your perfect day.

Once you have your list of ideas then you can start working towards finding suppliers, family or friends who can help bring your day to life. Although before booking anything you will need to work out your budget. Some couples are happy to budget on certain things and not on others, talk about areas of your wedding you would be happy to draft in help from family or friends and the areas that really only a professional will do.

Then it's time to contact the suppliers, make sure that you have read the terms & conditions for any supplier before booking. Also ask all the questions you need before booking, ask to see testimonials, photos and visit their website. You should get a good feeling from a supplier and they should make you feel like you are in safe hands before booking with them. If you are unsure then shop around and 'go compare', if someone is cheaper why are they cheaper?

Always compare like for like!

If you would like to see a list of our prefered suppliers click here .

2012 Wedding Forecast

As 2011 comes to a close I noticed a number of my recent weddings have had a 'vintage' theme and I think this will continue well into 2012.

The Dress
April 2011 we celebrated the 'Royal Wedding' of William & Kate, like most royal weddings it has had a huge impact on the wedding industry. We have seen more lace being used and victorian inspired wedding dresses epitomize timeless romantic elegance. The industry seems to be moving away from the strappless sweetheart neck line. Although we will always see the classic sweetheart featuring in the industry, it's one of the most flattering styles for many years, hence the decade it featured.

This year I have met several brides whom decided on two wedding dresses, the more formal daytime and then a quick change for the evening. Many young brides might see this as something very new, when infact it is something returning from the late 70's early 80's. It was the norm for brides to change for the evening or just before leaving their wedding party. I think the reason having two dresses faded out in the mid 80's was mostly down to price. With the average wedding dress costing around £1,000, most brides want to make sure they get to wear their gown as long as possible.

Another change I have seen in the industry is brides opting for replica dresses. I recently attended to a bride in Kent and was stunned when she told me she'd paid less than £100 for her wedding dress which was a replica of a designer dress costing £8,000. Many brides are also buying pre-loved (second hand) wedding dresses or opting to hire instead. So if you are thinking about shopping for your dress in the coming weeks, perhaps think about some of the ideas I have mentioned, you will be surprised just how much money can be saved.

Adding a personal touch has also been very popular, purchasing a more simple dress at a lower cost and then customizing with glitz and glam. Very 'Gok' but a great way to create your very own bespoke gown.

Earlier this year I did a feature on wedding insurance, because I believe it's important and this is most certainly a trend for brides to follow in 2012. The cost is low and the pretection priceless should you need to make a claim.

Always look around at several insurance companies, many department stores will offer this when you are creating your gift list. Visit John Lewis homepage to read about their wedding insurance or google 'Events Insurance'. These are just two companies I recommend, there are hundreds out there, but be sure to read the 'small' print.

Colour Palette
For me 2011's most popular colour for bridesmaids was dark grey or slate grey in 'Sex & the City' style tea length dresses. Towards the end of the year I have seen the come back of full length bridesmaids dresses in Tiffiny Blue and Royal Blue shades. 2012 will see more full length dresses worn by bridesmaids in a range of neutral colours and a range of patterns and textures including lace. Colours will be more neutral and grey tones, with pastel colours making fewer appearences thoughout the year.

2012 will also see bridal parties having more bridesmaids (ave six) and therefore making it difficult for the bride to choose dresses and colours to suit all tastes. Many adult bridesmaids will be wearing the same style dresses in a range of colours or wearing the same colour in a range of styles. By doing this it can help solve many of the problems brides face choosing a dress and in a particular colour to suit all. When you have several bridesmaids this can be one of the hardest tasks a bride will face in the planning process of her wedding.

The black tie is also making a come back for wedding attire so alongside we will see the return of black bridesmaid dresses in the coming year.

The Kent Wedding Awards

Blushing Bride by HCT were finalists in this years Kent Wedding Awards, unfortunately we didn't win. We're sure you will agree getting to the final five was something to be proud of.

Thank you

Throughout 2011 my team and I have worked with some amazing brides around the UK.

From Ashford, Bexleyheath, Surrey, Essex and the final curtain will be Saturday 17 December in Chester. We have enjoyed being a part of so many beautiful weddings and we hope that you enjoyed having us as part of your day.

A huge thank you to all past, present and future brides for their encouragement and support.

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Best wishes

Vanessa & the team

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